Auer Steel

Auer Steel brings over 150 years of combined experience to any project. Our Engineering Department is ready to help with any part of  your project's lifecycle. From residential to multi-family systems, all the way through commercial equipment specification and design, we offer the service and experience to meet your engineering needs.

Our mission is to provide high quality engineering service to the HVAC community in a timely manner, meeting state and industry standards, with the express purpose of exceeding our customers' expectations.

- February 9, 1994


Heat Loss / Gain Load Calculations

  • We obtain the plans from the architect
  • All assemblies are accurately measured, assigned R-Values, and entered into our industry-approved sizing software
  • Ventilation requirements for each unique occupancy is calculated and added into the loads

Sizing & Quoting of Equipment

  • Once load calculations are complete, Auer Steel engineering will accurately size and quote all equipment for your job
System Designs
  • Proper sizing and labeling of all equipment, ductwork and grilles
  • AutoCAD drawings - plan copies will include a full-color drawing to simplify on-site plan reading
  • Unsurpassed turnaround times

Plan Submittal

  • All appropriate paperwork - including multiple copies of the plan - is completed and filed with the State
  • Date is scheduled for review

Final Job Inspection

  • We will travel to the job site to conduct a final job inspection, ensuring that your work is in substantial compliance with State regulations
  • We'll also submit the Compliance Statement to DSPS
HVAC Technical Support
  • Need help sizing a duct, pipe, pump or furnace? Whatever your HVAC-related question is, Auer Engineering Team will get you a quick answer
Code Questions
  • We keep our engineers trained on all the most up to date code changes and additions so you can be confident that your design will comply with all of the States current codes and regulations

Engineering Contacts

Milwaukee Engineering Department

Neenah Engineering Department

Residential Heat Calculations