Auer Steel

Auer Steel’s learning management platform is where you can register for live classes and view all of our previously recorded content.  We launched Brainier in the fall of 2021, and continue to have great success with its usability and training content.  We encourage you to create your personal user profile so that you can access all of our class offerings.

The Auer Steel training team has created some helpful how-to video guides to assist you in logging into the system and registering for classes.  Please click the videos below for more information.

We are excited for this new era of training, and hope that you’ll join us for an excellent training season.





Q: Is there a cost associated with Brainier or the Auer Steel training classes?

A: There’s no fee for our virtual classes.  There is a small fee for our in person classes, and your company will be invoiced after the class has taken place.

Q: Can I use Brainier on any web browser?

A: Yes, you can use any web browser for Brainier and can access it on a desktop, laptop, or other smart device.  However, it does work best when using Google Chrome.

Q: Will I be able to register multiple people at one time?

A: Brainier does not have this functionality at this time.  Each person wishing to attend our classes will need to create their own user profile tied to a unique email address.  Registering for an account should be done prior to attending a class, so please create your account soon.

If an individual is not able to register in Brainier ahead of time, we will still be utilizing our webinar sign in sheet to make sure everyone can receive the correct training credits (when applicable).  You can download a blank sign in sheet here and email it to [email protected] after the class.

For more information regarding webinars and training credits, please see this guide.

Q: Can I add a calendar reminder for the classes I register for?

A: Yes! You can download a calendar file directly on the registration page for any of our classes.  Additionally, you will receive an email one day before the class reminding you of your registration.  Please watch the video above for more information.

Q: What if I can no longer attend the class I registered for?

A: You can unregister yourself by following the same steps you took to register for the class.  Simply click “More Details” in the schedule portion of the class page, and then click “Unregister.”

For any and all other training related questions, please reach out to [email protected].