Product Spotlight - February 1, 2019

Tekmar - Invita Thermostat 564

Application: The Invita™ WiFi Thermostat makes upgrading easy by using the existing 2-wires from any living space to connect to an HVAC Interface Module in the mechanical room. It works with most types of heating and cooling systems including conventional, heat pump and dual fuel while offering fan, relative humidity and ventilation control. The Invita Connect app provides secure WiFi adjustment, and can send email notifications when there are problems with the HVAC system. The Invita WiFi Thermostat is available in both white and black finishes and offers a choice of five display screen color themes.

Works with Conventional systems
• 2-stage heating, 2-stage cooling, fan and two accessories
Heat pump & dual fuel systems:
• 4-stage heating, 2-stage cooling, fan,reversing valve and 1 accessory
Accessory options:
• Humidifier, dehumidifier, HRV/ERV ventilator features
• Remote access through Invita Connectmobile app or web browser
• Email notifications with option for alerts from Watts FloodSafe® Water Detector Shutoff
• Weather and outdoor temperature display
• Programmable schedule with early start
• Energy usage reports
• Relative humidity
• Ventilation
• Away energy saving mode
• 3 auxiliary sensor inputs
• Choice of black or white finish
• Multiple display colors
• Slim, 9/16" profile

Model: 564

Caleffi - SEP4

Application: High performance multi-function hydraulic separator. The Caleffi SEP4™ saves on system installation and maintenance costs with four high performance functions combined into one device: hydraulic separation, micro-bubble coalescing air separation, dirt separation and magnetic separation. Includes thermowell tap, pre-formed insulation jacket and easy-touse drain valve. Constructed of corrosion-resistant functional parts for a long, trouble free operating life.

Key features and benefits:
Four functions combined into one device:
• Minimizes components and labor costs for system requiring primary/secondary piping.
• Separate air and dirt separators not required.
• Unique geometry and design: Prevents pump conflict by hydraulically de-coupling primary and secondary circuits. Preserves design flow in all circuits.
• Internal upper and lower mesh element: Causes micro-bubbles to collect and coalesce for efficient air separation. Deflects and collects both ferrous and non-ferrous debris down to 5 microns size.
Anti-rotation/anti-vibration pinned float: Creates space between float and air vent wall to prevent float hang-up from debris formation. Enables needle valve to reliably vent out collected air.
• Powerful neodymium rare-earth magnet: Attracts ferrous impurities with 2 ½ times the removal performance of a standard dirt separator.
• Additional value-added features: Convenient union press, sweat and NPT connections, ½” thermowell tap, pre-formed insulation jacket and easy-to-use drain valve.

Model: 549566A

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Milwaukee Tool - Wet/Dry Vacuum

Application: The M18™ 2-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum provides users with a Powerful and Portable Wet/Dry Clean-up tool. A high performance motor creates powerful suction for both wet and dry applications. Its stackable design and organized on-board storage keeps all of the attachments inside the unit for convenient transport and storage. The 0880-20 comes with a flexible hose, crevice tool, utility nozzle, and a certified HEPA filter. With 30+ minutes of run time on a M18™ REDLITHIUM™ HIGH DEMAND™ 9.0 Battery Pack, its ideal for extended spot and area clean up.

• 2-Gallon Wet/Dry
• M18 Battery System
• 6’ Flexible Hose
• Crevice Tool
• Utility Nozzle
• HEPA Filter

Model: 0880-20

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Bell & Gossett - Ecocirc 19-16 Auto

Application: Higher Efficiency and Improved Performance The ecocirc® 19-16 is a Smart, user-friendly, TRUELY variable speed circulator which is ideally suited for use in heating, cooling and potable water application. Designed to be set once and forgotten. The onboard intelligence automatically adjusts speed to ensure maximized efficiency and accurate performance to suit a wide range of performance requirements.

Effortless “SMART” Circulator for heating cooling and potable water.
Onboard intelligence automatically adjusts speed to ensure maximized efficiency and accurate performance to suit a wide range of performance requirements.
The on board intelligence provides the motor with the precise frequency and voltage for optimum performance. The permanent magnets in the motor eliminate power wastage in magnetizing the rotor. The motor has superior starting torque and energy efficiency when compared with standard induction motor circulators.
True Variable speed – The pump speed is infinitely variable and is automatically adjusted by the controller to optimize performance and efficiency.
Sensorless operation – No external sensors are required.
Simplicity – The only moving part is the rotor/impeller unit. The shaft, shaft seals and conventional bearing bushings have been eliminated.
Pump and motor protection – The ecocirc 19-16 will protect itself against, motor over load, voltage issues and pump overload.

Model: ECOCIRC 19-16 Auto

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