Product Spotlight - October, 2018


Application: Forced air and hot water all in one. The Game changer in the Furnace industry. 97%EF | 97.1% AFUE Reduced gas consumption.

Description: The Game Changer The GF200 is a cross-breed merging of best practices from hydronics, tankless water heating and forced air heating, offering the world's most efficient Combi-Furnace. With Green-Furnace technology, the GF200 has outstanding performances and unparalleled features and is the future of hot water and heating for your home. Save on Installation & Operation The GF200 is a single appliance, which means it can be installed much more quickly than conventional heating systems that can be complicated to integrate. Green Furnace Technology Proprietary & Exclusive software delivers optimum comfort and maximum efficiency by minimizing cycling with 10 stages of modulation to provide ultra smooth heat output to your home in all conditions. Reduced temperature swings compared to conventional furnaces provides improved comfort and reduced fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Product Specialist: Hydronics Department
Model: GF200
Promo: New Item
Rep: Hydro-Flo


Application: Prestyls far-infrared heating technology promotes a comfortable and regulated room temperature through releasing far-infrared heat energy into the space. The heat becomes absorbed by the objects and surfaces within the space, and the stored heat energy is released back into the space overtime, making Prestyls Far-infrared heating technology both effective and energy efficient.

Zero emissions
Low energy consumption
Silent operation
Contains no hazardous materials
Stops and prevents mold
Maintenance free
Panels operate only in far-infrared spectrum

Prestyls panels are constructed from lightweight, high-quality aluminum. Our standard panel options are available in black or white. All of Prestyls products are made in the USA, using state of the art proprietary European technology.

Product Specialist: Andrew Dethloff - Ext. 1216
Model: PR2424-120

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Application: Vulkem 116 is a textured, single-component, moisture-curing, gun-grade polyurethane sealant.

Description: Vulkem 116 is an excellent general-purpose sealant designed for use on poured and precast concrete, masonry work, window and door perimeters, and similar types of construction joints. Vulkem 116 is approved for exterior use only.

Model: Vulkem (Color)
Promo: New Item

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