Product Spotlight - November 28th, 2018

Milwaukee Tool - Gas Powered Press Jaw

Application: Jaws for PowerPress fittings on black iron gas piping.

Description: Designed to provide a faster alternative to threading and roll grooving to connect 1/2" to 2" Schedule 5-40 black iron pipe. Milwaukee's ring have unique dual pivot design which provides superior close quarter access and are up to 30% lighter than the leading competitor. Must be used with the M18 Force Logic Press Tool. Two kits available, 1/2" to 1" and 1/2" to 2".

Model: 49162697 1/2" - 2" Kit | 49162696 1/2" - 1" Kit
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DiaNorm - Panel Radiators

Application: More comfort, less wall space! Built in Germany to the highest design and quality standards, DiaNorm's panel radiation products combine comfortable radiant heat with individual room temperature control. DiaNorm radiators take up to 75% less wall space and generate comfortable heat at lower water temperatures than baseboard heating products.

• Made of high quality 1.25mm FePO1 steel.
• Epoxy powder coating, white finish to RAL 9010.
• Water connections are not exposed but located at the bottom.
• Can utilize thermostatic radiator valve for non-wire zoning.
• Can be piped with "PEX" Tubing, making it much easier to install than copper.

Call 414-438-3390 for more information!
Model: Custom order only
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DiaNorm - Towel Warmer

Application: Affordable comfort and elegance, the Noblesse Towel Warmer is built to the highest design and quality standards by DiaNorm of Germany. Allows for individual room temperature control.

Description: "Noblesse NB" Towel Warmers are made of precision round
1" x 1mm steel tubes. The horizontal bars are slightly bent forward, the
vertical tubes are "D" shaped and straight (1 1/2" x 1.5 mm). Designed for
hot water with operating pressures of up to 120 psi and temperatures of
up to 220° F.

Call 414-438-3390 for more information!
Model: Customer order only
Promo: New Product

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