RectorSeal® Acid-Away® 45004 Acid Neutralizer, 4 oz Bottle, Liquid, Petroleum

  • Brand Name: RectorSeal®
  • MPN: 45004
  • ASPN: 45004
  • UPC: 021449450041

Acid-Away® is a unique patented chemical treatment for use in air conditioning and refrigeration systems that have experienced a burnout, or operating systems that are showing a buildup in acid content. It circulates quickly throughout the system and chemically neutralizes acids that are always left in an air conditioning or refrigeration system after a burnout occurs. Once neutralized, this acid can no longer continue its corrosive attack and cause another burnout.

RectorSeal® Acid-Away® Acid Neutralizer, Bottle, 4 oz, Liquid, Petroleum, Composition: Petroleum Base Oil, >148 deg F Flash, Flammability: 2, 320 deg F Boiling, 0.9 Specific Gravity, <10 g/L VOC, Pale Yellow

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  • Compatible with all common compressor materials of construction, internal system components, mineral oil and alkylbenzene refrigeration oils
  • Removes residual acid normally left behind in the system after a compressor burnout occurs which can cause a subsequent compressor burnout of the new compressor
  • Suitable for preventative maintenance use to help avoid compressor burnouts resulting from the buildup of corrosive acids inside refrigeration systems
  • Eliminates the need for flushing systems with solvents or other similar products in an attempt to remove residual acids
  • Eliminates costly multiple oil changes performed to dilute the acid content of the refrigeration oil
  • Minimizes costly service call backs due to repeat compressor failures caused by acid
  • Can be used to treat recovery, recycling and reclaiming units in order to protect them from attack caused by acid fouled refrigerants and oils

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