LucasMilhaupt® 96010

LucasMilhaupt® LM 96010

LM 96010

LucasMilhaupt® Sil-Fos® Silvabrite® 6 96010 Solder, 1/8 in, 430 deg F Melting, 1 lb Spool

  • Brand Name: LucasMilhaupt®
  • MPN: 96010
  • ASPN: LM 96010
  • UPC: 755212960108

Lead-free, silver-bearing high-strength solder used for applications requiring large joint clearances. Easiest silver-bearing solder to work with as temperature range permits "bridging" loose fit-ups if necessary.

LucasMilhaupt® Sil-Fos® Silvabrite® 6 Solder, 1/8 in Wire Dia, 430 deg F Melting, Spool, 1 lb

  • Composition: 94% tin ,6% silver
  • Flow point: 536 deg F

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