Ultra-Zone™ PRD 12X10

Ultra-Zone™ PRD 12X10

PRD 12X10

Ultra-Zone™ PRD 12X10 Manual Barometric Pressure Regulating By-Pass Damper, 12 x 10 in Damper, Steel, Galvanized, Domestic

  • Brand Name: Ultra-Zone™
  • MPN: PRD 12X10
  • ASPN: PRD 12X10
  • UPC: 845484005147

The model PRD pressure regulating dampers are single blade rectangular barometric damper assemblies with a counter balanced weighted arm. The barometric bypass damper is an economical way to manage airflow when zone dampers close. Damper adjustment is achieved by off-setting the hex shaped arm, securing weight #1 towards the bottom of that arm and moving the extra weight(s) (optional) up or down the arm, until the correct bypass flow is achieved. For field versatility, the hex shaped arm can be inserted into either side of the damper. Additional weights can be added if necessary. The barometric bypass damper is installed in the duct-work to regulate excess air pressure and volume. The damper can be mounted to relieve pressure by returning the air back to the return air duct or by dumping it into a non-critical conditioned area. A restricting hand damper can be installed downstream of the bypass damper, which allows the installer to set sufficient differential pressure across the bypass duct, controlling how fast the bypass air mixes with return air.

Ultra-Zone™ Pressure Regulating By-Pass Damper, Manual Barometric, Series: PRD, 12 x 10 in Damper, Rectangular, 24 ga, Single Blade, Steel, Galvanized, Domestic

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  • The PRD models are effective bypass solutions for any constant speed or variable speed zoned HVAC system up to 4 ton capacity

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