NuTone® HRV100H Heat Recovery Ventilator, 64 to 146 cfm, 147 W, -25 deg C

  • Brand Name: Broan®
  • MPN: HRV100H
  • ASPN: HRV100H
  • UPC: 026715102785

Significantly increase the quality of the air inside your home with a Broan® HRV. Allergens and pollutants within your home can have negative effects on your health. By adding a Broan® HRV to your home's ventilation system, you can ensure that the air within your home is being circulated and the pressure remains balanced. The Broan® HRV100H is perfect for 3,000-4,500 sq. Ft. Single-family homes in colder climates with longer heating season. Designed to recover heat from the stale outgoing air and transfer it to the fresh incoming air, it eliminates accumulated pollutants and reduces excessive winter moisture building, while maintaining an optimum air quality and an ideal relative humidity. The units are durable, reliable and offer high performance that will be sure to add value and quality to any home. An easy-access side panel makes maintenance quick and convenient with the ability to remove all parts in five minutes or less.

NuTone® Heat Recovery Ventilator, 64 to 146 cfm, 120 VAC, 1.4 A, 147 W, -25 deg C, Surface Mount, Steel, Tan, 34.6 in L x 13.25 in W x 21.1 in H

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    Installation Instructions
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  • Ideal for homes 3000 to 4500 sq-ft
  • Delivers 64 to 146 cfm of whole-house balanced ventilation
  • Replaces stale and polluted indoor air with fresh outdoor air minimizing negative or positive pressure in the house
  • Our heat recovery core allows outgoing stale air to temper fresh incoming air without cross contamination
  • Defrost mechanism prevents ice building in the system core
  • Low, high fan speeds
  • (2) 30 ppi washable reticulated foam filter
  • Can be mounted to closet, utility room, attic and basement by suspension by chains and springs
  • 6 in supply, exhaust air duct connections
  • Temperature sensor
  • Best airflow and heat recovery in its class/whole house solid and balanced ventilation, with minimized infiltration and exfiltration
  • Continuous background ventilation with energy savings the outgoing airstream tempers the air of the incoming airstream
  • Durability, reliability and performance are the features that you will find with the Broan® Energy recovery ventilators (ERV)/for contractors who want added value, quality and best performance
  • Smart Defrost system, failure protection system to prevent cold air from entering the house
  • easy-to-service, all parts removable in 5 min, with electrical access on side panel
  • 20 ga pre-painted steel cabinet, 202 W power, 1.9 A current
  • 36 in power cord
  • 60 Hz frequency

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