Term-Lok by Mars® 86386

Term-Lok by Mars® 86386


Term-Lok by Mars® 86386 Compressor Stake-On Repair Kit, 3 ft Lead, Domestic

  • Brand Name: Term-Lok by Mars®
  • MPN: 86386
  • ASPN: 86386
  • UPC: 685744863861

MARS Term-Lok compressor stake on repair kits are designed with the technician in mind! During servicing of the air conditioning system or refrigeration system, it is not unusual for a technician to remove the compressor cover to find the electrical connector or spade terminal broken or melted away from the compressor. In reconnecting the electrical power, the metal plate is often found to have deteriorated to such an extent that the conventional female connector will no longer attach to the spade type male connector. Technology for reattaching a metal plate to the metal pin without damaging the encapsulated block is not normally available thus requiring the technician to attempt various types of crimping arrangements to avoid replacing the compressor assembly (which normally does not work). The MARS Term-Lok is a brass cylindrical tube with a diameter large enough to slip over the pins and has a stainless set screw to lock onto the terminal. Term-Lok comes in packages of one or three terminal locks with color coded 65 strands, 600 volt permanently attached wire, with wrench provided for easy application. Once installed the compressor cover may be placed back over the terminals without any obstructions. It takes approximately 15 minutes to install on most systems, thus saving the technician time and the customer money, with virtually no call backs.

Term-Lok by Mars® Compressor Stake-On Repair Kit, 3 ft Lead, Domestic

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  • Brass stake on 12 gauge 3 wire

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